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Facebook Tips and Tricks

if link
by Facebook

How to check if a site is blocked by Facebook?

Facebook often blocks sites and url links that he thinks can be harmful.
Check which sites or if link blocked by Facebook is very easy with online Facebook checker. If you see Blocked this means that Facebook has blocked this site and you can not use it with Facebook ... share a link

To check if the url or link blocked by Facebook, write them separated by commas in the box and click "Test links":

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Facebook Tips and Tricks

Video manual
How to invite
all friends
to like
Facebook page

We have prepared a video manual to the article "How to invite all your friends to like Facebook page."

Better to see once than to read many times. Here you can see how it works.

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logo fiaftg

One of the main ways to unite many people around some interest is the creation of thematic groups. Sometimes people using Facebook for business of creating groups and then to help you will approach our tips and tricks.

When we create a new group Facebook asks us who of my friends will be added to the group. We are able to choose our friends by name but when we have 5000 friends and would like to invite all at once we are faced with problem of how to do it. 

For you we have made a simple manual with which you add all your friends to the group on facebook only a few steps...

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invite friends

You have an interesting event on Facebook and want to quickly invite all your friends.

But how to select all friends at once?

To click check boxes if you have 5000 friends takes a long time so it is not for us. We care about our readers and in this article we will tell you tips and tricks how to do this easy and quickly.

Use our invite all code to select all friends at once and send the invitation. Let's start ...

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