write note online

Every day we need to save some information. For this we use notepad, diary or just a peace of paper. We write here some information and later I think many of us are faced with the problem to find this notes or this peace of paper. Sometimes happens that information is lost forever. Today to help us save important informations come online notepad service which have many advantages over paper notes. Simple and quickly you can write your online note into online notepad and later you will have access to your note at any time and from everywhere.

So, which online notes service to choose?

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make fake email

What is fake email or Temporary Email?

It's free mailbox ready to receive letters. It work without registration. You will see your message automatically immediately when it goes to the server. There are many such services, but we want to tell you about the best: http://email-fake.com - service.

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We want to tell you about where to get new millions of free email addresses without validity.

This service is called http://email-fake.com/



With this service no more problems with e-mail, you can now get so many emails as you need to without any restrictions. now register at the site has become much simpler

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Facebook Tips and Tricks

Did you see

Have you seen new amazing trick of Facebook page?

You go to Facebook page and all on that you hover your mouse starts falling. It is called Facebook gravity.

You can take with mouse any object and throw it in different directions or kick the other blocks.

It is interesting and fun to play with Facebook buttons. We recommend you to try.

There are no viruses or other malware. It is safe and is designed specifically for entertainment.

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Facebook Tips and Tricks

How to make
Say Thanks
video on

In this article you can see full instruction about excellent application developed by Facebook called the Say Thanks and on examples we consider all the details of how to make say thank you video for your friends. About features of each themes and how to make Facebook say thanks only for selected friends see here.

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